Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What I Ate Wednesdays - Veges! Glorious Veges!

I am loving WIAW (what I ate Wednesday), not only do I love photographing my food for the day but I love seeing all the other participants meals.

I packed the vegetables in today! I have been getting pretty hungry by the end of the day but if I jam pack my meals with veges then I am so much more satisfied and less likely to eat those chocolate chips hiding in the back of my pantry...

Breakfast - My delicious Eggshroom with sauteed tomato, avocado and grainy toast. Unpictured cappuccino. Click here for the recipe.

Snack - I love salty pistachios and another coffee!

Lunch - Shredded Brussell Sprouts with grilled bacon, toasted almonds, feta and chia seeds.
This is seriously delicious!

Snack - Pumpkin Spice Muffin (check for the recipe)

Dinner -  Pork with Capsicum & Tomato Sauce, peas, rice and broccoli.

Finally I need to include a picture of Milly! How cute is she ^_^
If anyone else reading joined in WAIW please link your blog in the comments!


  1. That salad is calling my name! I'll have to try something like that for lunch one day this week!

  2. That salad looks awesome! I'm on the lookout for some easy meals to take into Uni with me - I'll have to try that!

  3. i love your breakfast toast. egg, mushroom and avocado- a perfect combo! beautiful photography!

  4. Gosh!you make me so hungry darling!! those food look so yummy!! btw,i enjoy reading your blog and now i'm going to be one of your newest follower via GFC and Bloglovin! hope u can check out my blog and return the favor if u like.


    1. Thank you for visiting, I will check out your blog :)


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