Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 2012 GlossyBox Review - Active Lifestyle Edition

Glossybox for this month arrived and the theme was products to help out with an active lifestyle. So I was excited what they had to show to keep me looking my finest during a busy week.

 I really like their new product list! It includes all the possible products you might find in the box . 
There were a few I would have loved to get but didn't, but it is the luck of the draw I guess.
You can see which 5 I received.

Power Balancing Bracelet
I wore this for a few days and can't say I felt more balanced, flexible or strong. Then my cat found it and it has disappeared hahaha... Not much to say about the bracelet unfortunately.

Cleansing Cream by Dr Hauschka
This is a unique cleansing cream. The smell is different, really obtrusive when straight out of the tube and you can start to smell all the different essential oil ingredients. The cream is heavy and slightly rough (for exfoliating?). Worth trying in my opinion as it is natural and just a little different from other cleansers I have.

 Thermal Spring Water Spray by Eau Thermale Avene
Even though I have heard of this product from long ago. I think it is kind of gimmicky... I mean, it is just water and nitrogen in a can. I will just say... I sprayed this on my face and I felt... no different.

 Free Shape Hot Flex Spray by KMS California
A little tube of heat protectant styling spray. Pleasant scent and nice product. I am always after a new heat protectant for when I blow dry my hair and/or straighten it.

 Cleansing Body Bar by ProActiv
I haven't had a great experience with proactiv before. The benzoyl peroxide in their product drys out my skin. However, the active product in the body bar is salicylic acid. High hopes of smoother skin :)

 Nurturing Hand Cream by Nougat London
This hand cream has a pretty generic hand cream kinda smell. However no complaints with this product, it absorbed quickly into my skin and leaves my hands feeling soft.

Overall Thoughts
No products that really stood out as amazing but overall I was pretty happy with the box this month. This month I recieved 2 full size samples and the other 4 were smaller sized.  I look forward to using the heat protectant spray for my hair and testing the proactiv cleansing bar.


  1. hi!!! I received my Birchbox today and I also made a review! Check it and tell me how you like it! Do you recommend this GlossyBox or not? XOXOXO!!

    1. Hmm I wish I got Birchbox in Australia... Is Glossybox in US?

  2. I've heard so many things about this Glossybox! It looks really nice, thanks for the review! :)

    1. Yeah it's pretty fun to get it in the mail every month :)

  3. Every time I read a post about a glossybox I first think 'Oh, I want one too!' and at the end of the post I think 'I should my save my money for a green mint pants' ;D Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Haha yeah mint green pants are my priority too!

  4. I heard about this glossybox stuff! sounds pretty cool! I wonder what you'll get next. :) thank you for your sweet comment by the way!

  5. Hi,Reading this post I prefer it completely and I appreciate you on your effort. I must say that it is extremely good and informative. Thanks.


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