Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Delights - Episode Four - I Heart Mint

This Monday marks a very short work week (only two days) and then I have six glorious days of holidays!

I have been loving mint this week! It is such a soft and fresh colour. 
I want to paint my nails mint. 
I want decorate my house mint.
I want mint tea... right now :P

Also you can find me on Pinterest by clicking HERE. I am posting my March Photo A Day pictures on Pinterest as well as on Instagram.


  1. those mint jeans are killer!!

    1. Sigh! If only I could wear coloured jeans! I have tried on so many and they look horrible :S I think I need longer legs haha

  2. heyyyy i love just everything in that color! it is going to be trendy this spring!!! I noticed that you left from following me :( I hope ur doing great! always watching ur page! take care XO's

    1. Hi Mayrim! Your blog wasn't appearing on my list anymore and I can't access your blogger profile, if your reading this then maybe there is a bug in the system?... If so let me know your bloglovin link and I will add you there :D xo

  3. I've been loving mint too! The house behind mine is actually a mint color haha!

  4. The jeans are gorgeous! Mint and Coral are just a PERFECT match :D


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