Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Delights - Episode Two

Good Monday everybody! Hope you enjoyed the beginning of your work/school week.

Mine was started with a Pilate's neck injury and I would love to hear from anyone that can give me advice on how to ease the pain. I cannot complain too much though, my day was full of wonderful food and I got to wear my new heels to work :)

Now I get to end my day with my latest five delights on pinterest and I hope you enjoy!

How sweet is this pendant! I love personalised gifts and I will be definitely hinting for an item like this.
Source: via Emilie on Pinterest

Speaking of jewellery I have a bare wall in my bedroom that is just calling for something like this.
Functional but also serves as an art piece.

I am a sucker for romantic quotes and tonight, with my boy away with work I have found this one to be very comforting.

I thought these glitter toes were amazing and I want that polish!
Looking at my chipping nail polish on my toes has reminded me I need to give myself a pedicure one of these days...

I have rediscovered my love of waffle cones. I though this pin was so cute!
(probably closer the size cone I should aim for too hehe)

Hope you enjoyed my Monday Delights post. It brightens my day! If anybody wants to find me on Pinterest then click HERE. I am posting my March Photo A Day pictures there as well as on Instagram.


  1. Oh no! Epsom salt baths and frozen peas on your neck should help!
    Thank you so much for tagging me in the 11 things. I loved yours and I've done it now, over here
    Hope you enjoy the answers! Feel better

    1. Yay I was so excited to see your answers, thanks so much for answering my tag questions :D

  2. Replies
    1. I know I want my toenails to look that cute :)

  3. i made a very similar diy earring holder! the two would look great together :)

    1. I love your earring holder, thanks for sharing the idea with me


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