Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bridesmaid Trip to Brisbane ~ Day 3 ~ Sunday

Our final day in Brisbane was quite relaxed. Both George and I were a bit tired from our escapades from the night before so we checked out of our hotel and took a morning stroll over to South Bank.

We checked out the sights, strolled though the Sunday markets and saw this awesome beagle convention (seriously there were like 50 beagles and their owners gathered!). Our tummies were rumbling so we found a cute street-side cafe and stuck into some breakfast.

I got poached eggs, haloumi and mushroom along with a huge iced coffee and my lovely sister ordered a big breakie along with her English breakfast tea.

After another wander through Queen Street Mall we made our way to the Transit Centre where we said our goodbyes. The weekend was so much fun and it is always so great to catch up with my sister and also to see friends that I haven't seen in a long time!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WIAW - A new low intensity fitness routine & a boxing meowy cat

Morning lovelies (or afternoon!). I am so happy to be getting back into some semi-regular blogging. I feel like I lost my way a bit and combine that with some stressful workplace and a sprinkle of wedding planning and you get no blogging :( 

Anyhoooo.... I am back to share my WIAW with you!
As always, a huge thanks to Jenn for hosting the fun that is... WIAW! 

So I haven't been anything but a voyeur of the WIAW - fun... food and fitness posts. So I thought I would share my daily foods and give you a little overview on how I incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

My current fitness routine is kinda boring and low impact. Only a few months ago I was doing weight training and at least 30 mins of medium intensity cardio every single day and absolutely LOVING it. However after a very painful injury my physio has banned me from strength training and limited me to only walking/swimming for a while.

Now, I incorporate at least 40 minutes of walking into my day. Where I work, parking cost is ridiculous and I always try to risk it (hence I regularly get crazy expensive parking fines). So now, for a bit of fun, I park at a shopping complex about 20 minutes walk away from my work. Two benefits - I easily fit my walking into my day and I don't have to pay any parking!!! About 2 or 3 times a week I will also do the Jillian 30 day shred or a yoga dvd, just to mix it up. So far... so good! No injuries to speak of and while I may not be burning as many calories/seeing as obvious results, I need to just take it slow and slowly rebuild my core strength and recondition my body for more intense exercise.

Enough of that though... onto food!

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. 1 egg/2 egg whites scrambled topped with salsa and on the side sauteed mushroom and asparagus. Perfect combo! Can't forget my morning coffee!
My lunch is always the same and it looks so bad in this photo. I have a steam packet of green veggies, along with a portion of chicken I pre-prepare on the weekend and freeze for the week along with a good dollop of hummus and any other dip I find it the fridge (today its spinach dip). For me this is super easy to prepare ready for work and is healthy and most importantly yummy.
I always try to add a protein shake into my day, it helps ward off hunger.
At the moment I am using a blend of Hydro-Iso Chocolate powder (yuck.. don't buy it!)
and BSN lean dessert in choc fudge.
Dinner is the meal of the day when I wind down from work and try new and exciting new recipes.
I made thai green curry fish which I baked with chilli and lime. It was super moist and delicious!
On the side I had coconut and chilli basmati rice with steamed sugar snap beans.

Anyway... hope you enjoyed this post. I can't wait to read all the new WIAW posts that I find! I should have the third and final day of my recent bridesmaid weekend online tomorrow I think :)

Before I sign off... I have to share this pic with you! It looks just like my meowy cat and the puppy reminds me of my parents dog! Cracks me up every time I see it!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bridesmaid Trip to Brisbane ~ Day 2 ~ Saturday

My goodness, it has taken me so long to continue this little post about a fun weekend I had a little while ago. I still want to share so here is the second day, Saturday. Click here to catch up on day 1!

We met up with my other bridesmaid, Caiti in the morning and started off with a thoroughly delicious breakfast before tacking some dress shopping. We had breakfast at this really cute cafe called Room with Roses which is located in the Brisbane Arcade. The cafe had the nicest breakfast menu and such awesome table service. Caiti and I both ordered the googy eggs and Georgia ordered the big breakfast.

We then made our way main event of the day to firstly try on my gown and then find bridesmaid dresses.
~~I have paid the deposit and ordered "the dress" since this weekend! Eeekkk!. The girls (and my mum) really liked it so I am super happy with my dress. I can't wait until is made and in my local store! !!

We found a style of bridesmaid dress that suited both the girls but I am trying to see if we can get something similar in the town they live in so the dress fitting etc is easier for them. Fingers crossed we do!

That evening we organised to have some quality catch up with our friends that live in the lovely city of Brisbane. My buddy Heath suggested we go to Vapiano which is this amazing Pizza and Pasta bar. I am so glad we did. The food was amazing and the mojitos!!! Oh la la!!! Did I love the mojitos?!! (yes, yes I did... maybe a little too much....)

For dinner I ordered the small antipasto platter which was delish but I needed a bit more bread-age to be honest. Everyone else ordered Pizza and they looked so yum!
We then somehow made our way into Queen Street and decided to finish our evening (or morning) with some gelato (to keep with the Italiano theme). I picked chocolate pistachio and it was delicious. We said our goodbyes before Georgia and I stumbled our way back to the hotel. It was a great night and it was so great catch up with our old school/work/uni friends!

Monday, 16 July 2012

This is what I wake up to every morning

This is my little cutie, she has her own blankie but still tries to sneak up for a cuddle (most of the time she gets away with it).

I'm trying to get back to regular blogging very soon! On the phone to our ISP every night, trying to fix our dodgy connection. Have so many things to share on my little blog!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Bridesmaid Trip to Brisbane ~ Day 1 ~ Friday

So I have been a bit AWOL lately... sorry! Hopefully I can get into the swing of blogging again very shortly.

I thought I would share a little bit of the fun weekend I had last weekend. I am having two bridesmaids - my little sister and one of my most gorgeous high school friend's, Caiti. I love them to bits!

Unfortunately, they still live in my home town, so it is hard to organise bridesmaid-y things with them when it is a 10 hour round trip!

Over the last weekend we all headed to Brisbane and got to spend some quality time together and we may have found their bridesmaid dresses :)

So Friday was travel day - Since we weren't due to meet up with Caiti until Saturday we spent Friday having some quality sisterly time. We shopped, checked out our hotel, ate way to much food and took too many silly photos.

After a exhausting day of pounding the pavement, shopping bags in tow, we were looking forward to a cocktail or two. We made our way over to the Jade Buddha bar and restaurant for dinner and drinks.

The gorgeous night view from Jade Buddha
Our ridiculously expensive cocktails - $20 a pop!

If you ever visit Brisbane then I thoroughly recommend visiting Jade Buddha. The waiters were so friendly and the food was delicious. I chose the seafood laksa and it was amazing, I can't believe how fresh, abundant and delicious the seafood was. My sister ordered the Pad Thai and she was equally impressed.

Look out for Day 2 in the next few days!


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