Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentines Dinner ♥ Yummy Prawns with Fried Rice & Chocolate Bread Pudding

Sorry that this post is a few days late, going away for the weekend has just sent my weekly schedule out of wack. I was going to post this on Valentines night... that didn't happen.

But I must show you out Valentine's Dinner! It was simple and it was awesome.

Fried Rice is a favourite meal of ours and since I was not in the mood for cooking after a long day of work it was my go-to easy recipe for the night. I can pull together an epic Fried Rice in my sleep!


♥ 2 cups of dry rice - cook as per normal in your rice cooker/microwave/stove top and put it in a tray in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the meal
♥ 4 rashers of bacon - remove fat and chop up into teeny pieces
♥ bag of frozen asian vegetables
♥ 2-4 shallots chopped asian style (or any style)
♥ soy sauce
♥ 2-3 eggs - lightly beaten with a tiny splash of water
♥ spray oil

  1. Heat a large wok to high heat and spray a little oil into the pan
  2. Pour in your beaten eggs and roll around the wok to form an omelette, flip so it is browned on both sides. Remove from wok, roll and slice into strips
  3. Fry your bacon in the wok until browned and crispy, add in your frozen vegetables
  4. Stir fry your bacon and vegetables for approximately 5 minutes or you have cooked out any moisture in your wok
  5. Add your rice a cup at a time, stirfry between cups. Once all your rice is in the wok, stir through your soy sauce (measure to your own taste - about 2-3 tablespoons)
  6. Stir in your egg and shallots

Serving Suggestions 

♥ Marinate some prawns, chicken or even beef with soy sauce, chilli sauce and garlic - stirfry and serve atop your fried rice
♥ We always top our fried rice with peanuts and sweet chilli sauce

I chose to make Skinny Taste's Dark Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding, it was perfect for a valentines day dessert. Visit her blog for the recipe - I did make a few adjustments however... I used a french loaf rather than challan bread (couldn't find it at Woolies) and I doubled the chocolate from 30g to 60g (just because I wanted to). Still turned out a treat, twas really easy to make and it would be great for a dinner party because you can make it ahead of time.


  1. that looks great!
    I love food like that , i hate all the burgers and junk food its just not good now when i see food like that , then wer talkin :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is just lovely!

    Loving the dessert ; )

  3. that looks delicious! i've never thought to add bacon to fried rice- great idea! i'll have to try it

    1. Definately try bacon. Isn't all foods better with bacon :)

  4. Wow these look so yummy! I'm partial to fried rice :)

  5. i love anything chocolate!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love the Molten Cakes on your site - Chocolate heaven!

  6. thank you for posting this! These are two of my favorite things to eat, but I have never tried making them before. Now I think I will! It all looks so beautiful, I can't imagine how good it tastes!

    1. It was pretty darn delicious! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  7. Yummy!! Looks amazing! Love your blog too...following you now!
    I hope you can check out mine and follow if you like ;)


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