Friday, 17 February 2012

February 2012 Glossy Box Review - Valentines Edition

The day before Valentines I recieved an adorable pink box in the mail and what did it contain?

The Valentine themed February Glossy Box. While I am not a die hard fan of pink - I do appreciate the hue around Valentines, because it is so darn sweet!

First thing I noticed when I opened the package was the adorable wrapping, silver ribbon and the heart sticker. The box was also chocker full of white and pink scrunched shredding which was cute.

There was five items in the box this month and two discount offers (which I won't use), without further ado, let's get cracking.

Proactiv - Deep Cleansing Wash - I used Proactiv a long time ago when I was trying to clear up my troublesome skin. The main active ingredient benzoyl peroxide was too harsh for my skin and caused a lot of dryness. I am a bit hestitant to use this product...

Lethal Lips - Lip Tattoos - What is with these silly lip tattoos, January's Bellabox had a set and now I get three in the Glossy Box. Sadly, this product is not for me.

e.l.f. Eyes - A really cute eyeshadow duo, the mauve colour has high pigment and stayed on my lids all day. I really liked this colour and goes well with my complexion. The highlight has quite sheer and shimmery. I will use this duo a lot me thinks...

Star and Rose - Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files - The design on the little files is so cute! They are a nice little product, if I had enough nail to file then I would be keeping them handy in my bag.

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics - Barely Blushing Loose Blush - I haven't used this blush yet, mainly because I am hopeless at loose powder (it just ends up everywhere!). It is a nice colour and would work well with my skin.

Little pack of sherbert 'Love Hearts'. My little valentines gift from the Glossy Box crew.

Overall Thoughts

The only product I really loved out of the five was the e.l.f. eyeshadow duo. The rest were just 'meh'. In the last few months of Glossy Box products they have never really sent me anything I have been interested in. Maybe re-trying my BeautyProfile online will help them choose better products for me.

I am having a hard time justifying why I need both Glossy Box and Bellabox. So one of these days I will have to decide which one I like better. Argh! Decisions.. Decisions.. :)


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I've never heard of Glossy Box. It seems a lot like Birchbox? I don't think those lip tattoos would be for me either, haha! I do love it when cute products end up working out!


  2. owww i wish i got these in my country! they're awesome! and the love hearts *.* i love them :D

  3. Interesting products. Those lip tattoos are strange. I have used Birch Box a few times, but don't think I will be renewing my subscription.

    Kini Style & The Klury Report

  4. I got exactly the same stuff as you except a different colour eyeshadow which wasn't nearly as nice. Frankly I thought it was a horrible box.... If you showed it to me beforehand I wouldn't have paid $15 for it. Looking on their website I see some people got much better stuff.... It makes me cross how different the quality between different boxes is.

    1. Agreed Rebecca. I haven't been too impressed with Glossy Box.. Do you have BellaBox? February's Bella Box was great this month so I think I will cancel Glossy Box and just keep Bella :D It is great to hear from you please visit again!


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