Saturday, 11 February 2012

February Photo-A-Day - Day 10 and Day 11 Duet - Self Portrait and Makes You Happy

Good Day! A quick post to catch up on my February Photo A Day. After a long day at work, a good five hours travelling to visit my parents' and sister in my home town. Mainly to celebrate my mumma's and sister's birthdays. Tonight we are getting some din dins at a new Chinese restaurant. Yummy!

Day 10 - Self Portrait - Sorry it's a bit in your face (or in my face I guess) Only had my 50mm lens on my camera at the time. Still, pretty happy that it turned out so nice.

Day 11 - Makes You Happy - Quickly snapped this picture this morning. Milly travels with us always and is such a cutie in the car. There is no question that these two make me so happy every single freaking day. My darling fiance Josh (aka The Boy) and my beautiful Milly Moo kitty cat.

Well I am off to enjoy my weekend. Hope everyone else is doing the same.

Would love to hear from anyone reading this...
  • What/Who makes you happy?
  • What is everyone doing this weekend?


  1. lovely pictures!! i want a cat sooo bad. but bf won't allow :(

    love kat

    1. Thanks Kat! Me having a kitty was not an option for the boy, he wasn't so keen on having a cat, but now he loves her! Cute blog by the way. Thanks for visiting mine :)

  2. I think that's a gorgeous self-portrait. Well done. Wait till you see mine... uggh.

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to see yours! I saw the Photo-A-Day initially on your blog, such a fun idea.



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