Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lazy Weekend, Coconut Prawns and Milly

My weekend has be SO lazy. Generally on the weekend I get up early, clean, tidy, grocery shop and cook. I have done almost nada of my regular weekend efforts. After a long exhausting week at work and just feeling generally out of sorts, I decided to break all my rules and veg out for two whole days!

Luckily it has been raining day and night over the weekend, so that eased the guilt. I played the Sims 3 (it's my thing, let it go), I watched my recorded episodes of the Martha Stewart show (again, let it go...) and I got to spend some quality time with my boy.

Last night I did get off my butt and try out the Skinny Taste coconut prawns (or shrimp for non-Aussies). We stocked up on prawns on our last trip to our coastal home town and I am constantly looking for new recipes to try, of course my first port of call is Skinny Taste.

They were a bit fiddly to prepare (peel prawns, flour - egg - crumbs, repeat) but they baked to perfection in my hot oven after 18 minutes. 

Because I was having a lazy Saturday, I went the easy way with vegetables, chopped carrots, frozen peas and crumbled feta. I also made the apricot sauce included in the recipe. 

The sauce wasn't really to our taste. It was way too tart and didn't really suit the meal. I am using what we didn't eat on toast for breakfast.

The prawns on the other hand, were absolutely brilliant and tasted so yum! I had about 6 and Josh inhaled the remaining 20!

Of course I have include some pictures I snapped of my sweet Milly. 

She is home alone for most of the week while Josh and I are at work and loves having us around on the weekend. 

She has so many toys and adores them all. I don't know if it is common knowledge but Burmese cats love to play fetch! She brings us her toys and waits for us to throw them for her... even though we have had her for the last 6 months I still find it hilarious :)

Hope everybody had a fantastic weekend xo


  1. Ciao, che blog carino! ^_^ Se ti va passa dal mio blog. Mi farebbe piacere averti fra le mie iscritte

    1. Sorry lovely, I can't read italian! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Aww, your cat is truly gorgeous! <3 What a cutie!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

    1. She is a little dream boat! Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is adorable! xo

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    Milly looks like a lighter version of our cat!

    SO cute!

    1. Is yours a burmese? I love her to bits, I'm sure if she stopped running around for 2 seconds she would be fatter. hahaha


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