Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Favourite YouTubers

YouTube is one of my most visited Internet destinations and here are a few of my favourite YouTubers I regularly watch and thought I would share.

I started watching Blair's videos a long time ago now and since then has evolved into a very popular fashion and beauty guru. I think I like her because she reminds me of the popular girl you wanted to be friends with in High School. She has a very bubbly, fun personality and my goodness she can talk. Find her on YouTube by looking for JuicyStar07 (main channel) or OtherJuicyStar07 (vlog channel).

Lisa is a professional makeup that works with many of the worlds top A-list celebrities, models, magazines and brands. But she also makes YouTube videos! Seriously this lady is gifted. Her makeup talent completely transforms her subjects. It is great to watch as you pick up a lot of ideas and tips. Find her on YouTube by searching for LisaEldridgeDotCom.

Funny and sometimes hilariously inappropriate skits and vlogs by two guys named Ian and Anthony. I love their vlogs, Mailtime with Smosh and Lunchtime with Smosh. Find Smosh on YouTube by seaching for Smosh (main channel) or IanH (vlog channel).


  1. heeey honey.. i saw ur blog on and decided to visit it... i loooove it!

    btw, i would loove to se how u r planning ur wedding,soo be sure to post everything here... xxx

    1. Hi anchy, Thanks for your support! I love Blair she is so much fun. I will be sure to post on my wedding planning as I start to get things together. Hope you visit again!


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