Friday, 20 January 2012

January 2012 Bellabox Review

Guess what I got in the mail a few days ago... 
I have been tossing up whether to cancel my membership to Bellabox. January's lineup was either going to make it or break it for me. So what did they have to show me this month in their cute little brown box....

I love the packaging! It is so darn cute! Also I plan on keeping my boxes to use for friends/family presents. Just cover them in cute paper or fabric and you have a great gift box.

First item, Violent Lips. This is a lip tattoo in leopard print. Seriously... I am not Snooki. I wasn't impressed with this as all.

Soleo Organic Sunscreen - Fairly large sample size and I like that it is all natural. I will have to try it out next time I need sun protection.

Qi Lifestyle Teas. I like the idea of providing tea samples. I drink peppermint tea at least twice a day but I am scared of buying a new type/brand of tea and being stuck with a whole box that I don't want to drink.
Tea #1 - Detox Green Tea -This is a very clean tasting green tea.
Tea #2 - Gingo and Green Tea - Haven't tried it yet!

Pangea Organics Lip Balm - This is a full sized balm and so far I like it. I keep it at work and have been trying it out over the last few days. The balm is smooth and moistourising. I am not totally in love with the smell but it is pleasant - I recieved the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose.

Halloween Kiss and Halloween Kiss Sexy - Two perfume samples! I have tried Halloween Kiss. I really like the scent. It is fruity, floral and sweet. Their website list that the perfume contains orange, pear, red fruits, peach, orchid, freesia, gardenia, peony, violet, teak wood, vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli. This combination is delightful and worth checking out if you are into sweet and girly scents. I haven't tried out the Halloween Kiss Sexy perfume yet but I hope it follows the same path.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - I have been using this in the morning as a replacement to my normal facial moisturiser and it is quite nice. It has a thick, creamy consistency. Not greasy in any way and it doesn't make my face oily by the middle of the day. I will keep using it and see how it goes.

Herban Essentials Towlettes - I haven't used this yet so I haven't really got anything to say about it. I will have to pop it into my purse and try it out. This sample didn't excite me as much as the others though.

Sparoma Roll-On deodorant - I believe this product is to be used as a pulse point deodorant. I put a bit onto my wrists. It has a very stong rose essence scent. It was a bit overpowering for me so I probably won't use it.

Overall I was very happy with this 'Natural' edition of the Bellabox so I am continuing my membership! Yay for me! I am very much looking forward to seeing what they bring out for the February edition.

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