Friday, 27 January 2012

Birthday dinner at GPO Bar and Cafe - Toowoomba

 Last Friday night we set off to GPO Bar & Cafe for the boy's birthday dinner. My parents were visiting for the weekend and it was great that they could join us.

We had initially tried to get a table a few weeks earlier and they had been fully booked out. I was well prepared this time and when we arrived we were seated straight away at our table.

The waitstaff were attentive throughout the night and the owner even took his time to see to us and advise us on drink selections.

The birthday boy was the only one of us to get a entree (because he is fancy like that :P). We noticed another table actually got a larger serving of the same entree? Maybe they were friends of the staff?

For mains, Dad and I both got a Prawn and Rice dish. I honestly cannot remember the name. Both of us agreed, the flavours were very nice but I was still hungry afterwards :(

Mum ordered the lamb cutlets with green beans (again I can't remember the name of the dish). She was not impressed and simply stated that it was just unflavoured, fatty lamb chops with a few green beans.

Luckily, Josh was very happy with his meal. He ordered 'Angel Chicken' or a name to that effect. He complimented the meal noting it was well cooked and very flavoursome. He also ordered a potato side.

GPO was neither fantastic or terrible. Although the food was tasty, we felt the menu was quite limited, the meals were expensive for the portions that were served and the sides were an extra charge (even for dessert, which we didn't order for that reason).

I think if we were to visit again, it would not be for dinner. It would be for either breakfast or lunch as their menus for earlier in day look much more appealing.

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