Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Delights ♥ Episode Seventeen ♥ Winter is Coming

I don't know where this is but I want to be there. The photo and design is just so entrancing. //source
Can this please be my kitchen? So much natural light and such a beautiful design. //source
I am hopeless at packing light. I plan on using this guide for my upcoming holidays //source
I can't imagine how anybody can become bored of salads if you followed these simple steps //source
Game of Thrones has a special place in my heart - This shirt is basically the coolest thing I have ever laid eyes on //source
Well... the weekend is over - another long week at work. However, I can't complain too much, I have a few exciting things coming up in my life though. I start a new job in the next few weeks and I am expecting a new car to arrive tomorrow which I am being super impatient about.

Is anyone else a Pinterest addict? If you are let's be friends!


  1. Hey Emily, got your message on my blog. Oh my goodness that would be amazing! That is really really kind of you. Is there anything I need to do? Thanks again! xoxo


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