Monday, 8 April 2013

Photos at the Park ~ Our Wedding

After the ceremony and pictures with our family and friends, we headed over to my favourite park and got some fun photos with the bridal party and some special ones of Josh and I.

As you might be able to see it rained for the majority of our time here.
We all got fairly wet, by the time we left to head to the reception the bottom of my dress was absolutely filthy and soaked with water. However, it didn't really matter because we were having such a fun time.
I knew there was no point stressing over the weather and as it turned out my absolutely favourite photo is the one of Josh and I under the umbrella while it was pouring :)

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  1. There are, as usual, some absolutely beautiful pictures here. I love the 7th picture of you both with the umbrella. It's truly beautiful!


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