Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIAW - Food, Jelly shots and Floods

Well, our weekend started off great with some super fun pre-wedding celebrations. Josh's grooms men visited for the Australia Day long weekend... Many jelly shots were consumed Friday night, we proceded to dance the night away in the city and eventually made our way home early Saturday morning.

I woke up a bit later on Saturday morning feeling pretty darn good for the amount of jagermeister and vodka jelly shots I had. I only drink once every few months - if that but I have noticed since I made dramatic changes to my health and fitness I don't get hangovers anymore... does anyone else get this benefit?

Saturday morning - the crew (majority hungover - lol) battled some torrential rain to the suit store for the final fittings before the big day, which is March 9th for anyone wondering. Don't the boys look soo cute!

The rain did NOT let up. An ex-cyclone had made it over the coast up north and was giving everybody hell in our state. Sunday we started hearing news of locations around the state flooding and the crew decided to pack up and make their way the few hours home before the roads flooded... Lucky they did.

The news started bringing us information of this, above is a very scary picture of Bundaberg. This is actually the home town where I lived for the first 21 years of my life. Many places that are so familiar to me were completely underwater - my school, the places I worked and many of the roads I drove day after day. It was completely surreal to see these pictures flooding Facebook and the news. Luckily Josh's parents and my parents live just out of the affected areas of flooding and their only problem at this time is that they are isolated at their homes. A lot of my old school friends were not as lucky and had to be evacuated.

Luckily news today states that the floods are slowly receding (thank goodness!), cleanup has begun and Josh is part of an emergency crew that is travelling the five hours up to Bundaberg to begin restoring power to many of the affected homes. As you can imagine this brought my weekend to a very sobering halt.

I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this with you... I know it is a bit of a downer but I really want to try to make this blog personal and share things that are significant to me. Thanks for reading anyway.

Now let's get onto onto my eats, these are actually from Monday (we had a public holiday so YAY for no work and for natural light at home).

Breakfast - The boy made me the most delicious cappuccino and I whipped up a batch of Heather's blueberry cobbler protein pancakes which were amazing!

We had a very late lunch salad. Iceberg lettuce, carrot, tomato, radish, beetroot, grilled chicken and crumbled goats cheese. This was actually my first time trying goats cheese and it was a really delicious alternative to the feta I generally stick too. 

Josh wanted a 'takeaway' style dinner so we had sweet potato fries and chicken burgers which was made up of melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and a grilled chicken patty on turkish bread. This beats Maccas anyday!

And that's about it! Happy WIAW guys and go visit Jenn if you want to join in!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love using natural light, makes such a difference. Pancakes for breakfasts sounds wonderful, especially if someone else is cooking ;). I love goats cheese, especially with beetroot. A great day of eats :)

  2. i've been craving 'take out food' too. and i always find it is so much better when i try and make it myself!

  3. Ah, I can not look at another jello shot for as long as I live! LoL, 4th of July was not a good memory for me. :)
    So glad you loved goat cheese! It's my cheese obsession, even more than feta!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about all the floods you guys have had to deal with this past weekend. It was all over the news here. I'm happy to hear that you at least had a pleasant Friday night with friends. Your food looks incredible as always!!! Happy WIAW :)

  5. Oh dear!!! That flooding is terrible!!! Oh that's so scary. In the U.S. we had hurricane Sandy that wiped out towns and seeing your favorite places under water is crazy. I hope the waters continue to recede!!

    Your men look so handsome! Are they all going to different colored vests and ties? I love the gray suits...very sharp! =)

    I've never had a chicken burger so I'm intrigued! I'll have to check those out in the store tonight! =)

    I hope the hangovers are subsiding!!! Jello shots are fun thought ;)

  6. Jello shots! Those always make me feel the worse the next day. I usually think I'm dying. Those pancakes look delish. I'm definitely going to try out that recipe asap.

  7. Your food pics always looks so delicious!!

    xo - Sheila

  8. You truly do take beautiful photos. Those pancakes look amazing!

    Have a fabulous rest of the week <3

  9. Natural disasters are so frightening, when Sandy happened in NY I couldn't help but wonder what I would do in a situation like that. On a positive note, your food photos are perfection. Amazing post!


  10. Schöner Blog und tolle Fotos :)
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    Ganz liebe Grüße :)

  11. Your food hoots are stunning! Making my mouth water. What a fun weekend you had!

  12. Omg dribbling that food looks lush x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  13. That food looks AMAZING!!! I had to get a snack after i looked at your post haha :)

    Emily @

  14. Glad you had a great weekend despite the weather! It sounds like you had lots of fun on Friday night :)

    Sorry to hear about the flooding, it's terrible how quickly it can ruin lives. I hope your families and friends are all okay.

    Your food photos are gorgeous, those pancakes look delicious and I love your dinner. My boyfriend would definitely appreciate that sort of meal and I adore sweet potato fries!

  15. Beautiful food pictures!

    Hope that everyone is safe after the flooding.


  16. The food looks amazing xx

  17. Sorry if I write you here, but the link to your e-mail doesn't work for me :( can you write me your e-mail adress? I'm interested in button-swapping! :)

  18. Oh man those pancakes look good! Making me hungry!

  19. nice shot !!

  20. this food looks amazing :) :)


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