Friday, 11 January 2013

January Goals

First piece of news... Any returned readers might notice a bit of a 'name' change on the blog. I started the blog as Emilie just to add a little bit of anonymity to my online presence. As my blog has grown over the last year or so - I have wanted to share more of the real me aka Emily and therefore I am changing everything back to my name. I doubt this is very shocking or exciting news but I thought I would just let you guys know :)

Second piece of new is... my new about page! Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Now onto my January Goals...

  • Send out invitations! (this is the most urgent task)
  • Find cute bridesmaid gifts
  • Meet with our marriage celebrant
  • Pick wedding music (a very daunting task given our varied music taste)
  • Decide on a P90X/Insanity 5 day workout plan
    (I am currently doing 6-7 days a week but it is tiring me out a little too much)
  • Eat clean 6 days a week coming up to the wedding - write out a meal plan/shopping list for the week
    (meal plans are perfect to help you choose healthier options and it also saves money when your grocery shopping win-win in my books)
  • Read 1 book this month
    (I just started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I am already hooked)
  • Set aside one night as date night
    (we have been so busy with work/wedding planning etc that time often gets away from us - so a night dedicated to just enjoying each others company sounds perfect!)
  • Make an effort to get my SLR out and about more!

So that is it! I am dedicated the remaining days of January to getting myself (and the boy) organised for the rest of the year. We have a busy 12+ months ahead of us with our wedding coming up in March (plus 2 separate honeymoons - insert happy dance!), a busy work schedule and plans for updates around our home and garden so getting myself sorted out is a definite must.


  1. that are great goals Emily,
    wish you a great 2013!

  2. i love the goal or reading one book and having one date night! sometimes you just gotta slow that schedule down and relax! and yay for picking out songs- i feel like that would be super daunting for me too. mainly because when it's time for me to recommend any songs i draw a blank lol eek!

  3. I love the about page :-D You've got some great photos goin' on in there. I need to start my 90x too! I'm so obese, hahah. Milly is the cutest!

  4. I find your about page fantastic :)

  5. I love your about me page, good luck with everything :) x

  6. Good luck with your goals! And congratulations on the wedding! :)

  7. Great goals!! Best of luck to your upcoming wedding. :)

    xo - Sheila

  8. Love the new about page! I keep reading about the 'x' workouts, I think I'm gonna have to investigate...

  9. I have just discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it! I never saw the old about page but your new one looks great :) I am also from Queensland so its nice to discover other bloggers from our little part of the world xx

  10. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! :)

  11. hey thanks for your comment on my blog! i was going to respond to it on there but blogger doesn't notify you when someone responds so i thought i'd just respond on your blog! {love your goals for this year by the way}

    but for your sister who is having a hard time...tell her to go read that girls blog i mentioned. it's called a blog about love {} it is so uplifting. she has great stuff on there!.

    1. thanks morgan - i will be sure to point her in that direction.

  12. Good luck with your goals! I nominated you for an award-check it out:

  13. I'm reading a book a month as well. I started Gone Girl today.


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