Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday Delights ♥ Episode Nineteen

i am keen as a bean to have a go at both this gorgeous and fun DIY's

forego an expensive gym membership and develop your own workout style at home, can't wait to test this one out

this caprese stack makes me droooolll and this bloggers photography is just freakin' amazing

i am crazy jealous of every single element of this home. I can not fault anything.. sighhh.

such a dreamy photograph and the hairstyle reminds me of my wedding day!

life update
i don't know if i should be sorry for being absent from my little blog or not. life gets hectic and i don't want to feel like i am forced to post something ~ so sorry.. but i'm not really sorry

i thought my life would become less frantic when wedding planning was out of the way but it seems that life has gotten busier. i recently have been promoted to a massive project at work (yay! but scary) and by the time i get home, eat a bit of food, do a little exercise and hang out with my lovely husband i find i have very little spare time ~ i'm slowly but surely developing some schedule to my life so i plan to visit and say hi more in the future

if anyone can suggest a way to fit a few more hours into the day ~ tell me!!! haha :)


  1. Congratulations on the work front! I wish you all the best. Is it too nosey to ask what the new project is?

    Don't worry about absences from the blog, we're still here!


    1. Thanks Anna :) the project is redeveloping/redesigning the intranet website for the company I work for. It is a big job for one person!

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things! The caprese stack looks delicious. I'm definitely on the same page and wish there were more hours in the day :/


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