Saturday, 30 March 2013

My Bridal Shower

My Bridal Shower was held back in January at my parents place. My sister (who was also my maid of honour) did an amazing job planning everything. I adored the soft pastel decorations and all the cute details. 


All the guests received a favour bag upon arrival which included pamper products and items required to play the games my sister organised (including a very hilarious 'How well do you know Emily')


And the food, ohh my! It was ahhmazing!!! All my favourite finger foods, fresh fruits, gorgeous cupcakes and so many sweets (including peanut butter m&ms - my favourite!) 


The afternoon was perfect and just truly shows how well my sister knows me. I'm not the kind of girl that needs a crazy night out. It was sweet, simple and relaxed, just the way I thought it would be. It was lovely to spend the time with my close friends and relatives and just enjoy some good food and laughs together.


  1. These pics are gorgeous! I know what you mean re: not needing a crazy night out. This looks like it would have been lovely and you look so content!

  2. Wonderful pictures :) looks like it was a good day :)

    best wishes, Elin

  3. WOW!!!! This looks incredible. It seems like your sister did an amazing job planning the event and the pictures look great. You look so happy and beautiful. Can't wait to see wedding pics!!! xx


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