Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIAW - September Goal Update & Meals at Home

Good day lovely readers!

It is Wednesday once again and my last day of holidays!
However much I would love to just continue relaxing at home, online shopping and playing with photoshop. It seems the time is almost upon me to return back to work :(

However I can't be too sad on Wednesdays because I get to participate in WIAW! For more info or to join the link party, go say hi to Jenn over at her blog.

Onto my eats... I actually spent the whole day at home (apart from a quick run to Aldi for our weekly veggie supply) which meant I could actually prepare and photograph my food at home! Other than WIAW fun, wedding planning was high on the agenda for the day and I may have lost a few hours to Pinterest too....

Breakfast had the formula to be amazing! I recently saved a promising recipe for peanut butter (p2b) and coconut pancakes. Although they look pretty amazing topped with ricotta and honey they were actually a bit dry and gritty. Not really my cup of tea. I got through about half before kicking in the bucket.

No breakfast of mine (or be it any meal) is complete without a nice hot cup of coffee

Lunch was positively dreamy and very easy to prepare.

Chicken Antipasto Salad

Serves 1 (double or quadruple for more peeps)
460 calories per serve

  • 100 g Grilled Chicken, chopped
  • 2 handfuls of salad leaves
  • Assortment of Antipasto Deli Goods (adjust this for what you find at your deli)
    • 3 mozzerella stuffed baby peppers
    • 8 mixed olives
    • 100g of sundried tomatoes
  • Mix together! I found I didn't need dressing as the olive oil in the antipasto ingredients did the job :)

The boy and I joined forces for dinner. He grilled the steak and I prepared one of our favourite salads. Wombok salad is a tried and true family favourite. I just use the recipe on the back of the Fried Noodle packet but I found the recipe here too for your viewing pleasure. I substitute the 1/2 cup of sugar for 1/4 cup of powder stevia and can't notice the difference.

After a few episodes of Game of Throne (seriously is anyone else addicted as we are to this show?!) I was feeling like something sweet. I picked up a bag of lady finger bananas earlier in the day so I made a yummy banana-choc protein shake which contained 1 small banana, scoop of chocolate protein powder, cup of almond milk, stevia drops and half a teaspoon of xanthan gum.

September Goals Update... 

  • Continue eating nourishing, filling and healthy foods focusing on veggies, protein and fibre rich foods.
    Over all this week was a success! My only slip up was maybe not eating enough! Sometimes I get distracted though and just don't feel like eating, I really try to stick to eating 3 decent meals a day and at least 2 snacks otherwise I start to feel lethargic.
  • Doing strength workouts five times a week but also keeping in mind not to over push my body!
    Success! I fit in 5 strength workouts and 4 cardio workouts which is pretty good! I didn't overpush my body and I am feeling strong :)
  • Park 15-20 minutes away from my workplace and walk to and from work at least four days a week
    Partial Fail... I haven't been to work all week so this hasn't happened. I have been working out everyday though so I think that makes up for it.
  • I want to organise my flowers, entertainment, boys suits and cake for the wedding by the end of this month!
    Getting there... I emailed for my flower quotes and Josh has picked his suit :)
  • Buy the boy's wedding band :)
    If I could get the boy to stay in place for more than 2 minutes I might have a change at that one (still have 3 weeks to go though)


  1. Your smoothie looks fabulous! I also love the antipasto salad - those mozeralla stuffed peppers look phenomenal!! YUM. Also, bought the choc protein powder ;) In love with it! Happy Wednesday - hope work isn't too awful :/

    1. The stuffed mini-peppers were so good! I hope aldi continue to have them!

  2. Ahhh, I just found this blog and I LOVE it. It's so dreamy and pastel and your photos are just delicious - can I come over for pancakes? ❤

    1. Come over any time! Thank you so much for your super sweet compliments!

  3. gosh i love your photography and pictures. the writing in the photos is amazing too!! and not even mentioning your creative meals ! well done! glad to have found u here :)

  4. Do you add xanthan gum to make the shake thicker? I've never tried it in a smoothie before :) Love your photo's! Happy WIAW!

    1. I add xanthan gum to anything that goes in my blender :)

  5. 5 strength and 4 cardio!? that is AWESOME! pancakes. YUM!!! also.. i know i asked you this before but do you do blog design? i LOVE your blog, mine needs a facelift!

    1. I did my own blog design - thanks so much for liking it :)
      I replied on your blog with more deets so I am sure you will see my reply this time.

  6. Those pancakes look divine...sorry they didn't taste as good as they look :(

    Thanks for sharing. Happy WIAW!

  7. The pancakes SOUND amazing though. I'm sad it didn't work out because I'm on a coconut kick lately.

    Great goals and you really have done a lot of working out!

  8. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh... my... gosh.....
    your photography is amazing. So delicate. So dreamy. So soft... so wonderful! Seriously, I am sitting here gaping at your photos - I love it!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, my dear! So glad to have come by!

    1. Thanks Kammie! Loved reading your comments when I woke up this morning haha

  9. Shame about the pancakes, they look lovely at least! Your chicken antipasto salad and banana-choc protein shake both sound delicious though :) Your photos are just gorgeous by the way!

    Well done on your goals so far, I'm impressed that you did 5 strength workouts and 4 cardio workouts in one week. Preparing wedding things sounds like so much fun!

    1. Thanks so much. The antipasto salad is now a firm favourite!
      I am also impressed with how well I am going with my workouts - I am actually enjoying it! Which is something I would have never thought a few years ago :)

      Wedding prep is fun but also stressful and expensive!

  10. Just found your blog and your photo's are amazing and food looks delicious!

  11. Those pancakes sound amazing! I love anything with PB! Your photography is awesome too! Love the pictures!

  12. Your food pictures are soooo beautiful! It makes me wanne stop being patient and just buy a SLR right now.

  13. peanut butter pancakes sounds like something i definitely need in my life!

  14. Ohh! That anti-pasta salad looks delish!!

  15. You are making me so hungry right now! Thank you for the kind words on my blog and I'm now following yours :)



    Southern (California) Belle

    Enter to win my Benefit cosmetics giveaway!

  16. Yum that smoothie I'm starting to love smoothies check out my Blog!


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