Saturday, 8 September 2012

My first exciting iHerb shipment :)

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet after months and months of PB2 envy and filled my iHerb shopping cart!

Many bloggers recommend iHerb for a variety of healthy products, even with the expensive postage to Australia it is still more affordable than trying to find the same products at the same price in Australia. So here is what I bought - I am only now posting this shopping haul because I wanted to test everything I bought and so far I haven't been disappointed (especially by PB2!!!)

I got both the chocolate and plain version. Both are amazing! I have been putting them into protein shakes, on top of oatmeal etc. Even the boy thinks this is a cool product - when usually he sticks his nose up at the weird things I buy. Of course it can't replace normal peanut butter but it does a pretty amazing job (especially since the calorie count is so low per serve)

OK I may have gone overboard on the NuNatural stevia drops but any stevia I have tried in Australia is gross. These are pretty cool! I have tried them in Kiss My Brocolli pancakes and the plain stevia and vanilla stevia are getting plenty of use in my protein shakes.

With Autumn coming up for the northern hemisphere I am expecting a lot of cool pumpkin recipes so I bought a big pumpkin pie ground spice (because I am too lazy to make my own) and I mean to buy pumpkin puree but somehow ended up with canned pumpkin pie mix (which actually tastes really bad in my opinion).

Coconut flour is amazing! I can't believe how good it tastes and I have been mixing it in greek yoghurt and as an alternative to normal flour.
I also got some coconut oil for a few recipes I have bookmarked to try (plus it is way cheaper to buy online in store)
I have been loving me some Xanthan gum. I have been using about half a teaspoon in all my protein shakes/smoothies to thicken them up - it gives it the thickest consistency which I adore!

Finally I bought a bunch of flours/meal/grains to use in recipes I want to try. 
Flaxseed Meal and Wheat Germ for their fibre and other nutritional benefits.
Millet flour again was for a particular recipe I read about and I don't have access to it in Australia.
Almond Meal was because it is so much affordable on iHerb than it is in Australia and it is such a versatile and yummy flour to use.

I have included links to all the products I have tried so you can find them yourself if you want. Make sure you google for online iHerb coupons as I found a few and saved myself on shipping and for my first time purchase through the store :) Ka-ching!

Have you ever bought things from iHerb or a similar site? 
Do you have any recommendations for some cool products to try?


  1. Those ingredients look amazing! I've never heard of this brand but am definitely keen to look more into them!

  2. I had never heard of iHerb.

    Love your blog make-over!


  3. Heck yes! I don't use iHerb but I use LuckyVitamin and VitaCost and love those two and order wayyy too often from those. I recommend it. If you need a code for either, let me know so we get $10 discounts ;)

    Anyway, I love PB2 - seriously obsessed and actually like it better than regular peanut butter. Coconut flour is a total obsession at the moment as well. And all of the rest of your buys I already have in my kitchen pantry as well :) Great minds think alike, I always say! I do have to finally get m hands on some almond flour though, I don't have that one yet.


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