Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WIAW - IPhone Edition & 6 reasons you should consider being a cat

It is Wednesday again so its time for WIAW. Big thanks to Jen for hosting. Check out her awesome blog, wacky humour and yummy recipes here.

Since I have had such an insanely busy week, I thought I might be super hipster and take all my pics iphone style AKA I have been too lazy to pull out my dslr and take proper shots.

For Breakfast I have been having chocolate protein oats with mixed berries every morning.
So easy and quick to make - just oats, half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, almond milk & mixed berries.
Pop into the microwave and watch it explode (I always put it on for way too long)

Work was super busy so I grabbed a can of salmon so I wasn't starving.

Of course, I had one (or two) coffees with almond milk throughout the day....

Lunch was super yum. Sanitarium Veggie Burger with a head of pan-fried brocolli.
Salsa is fantastic on everything so I added a dollop for flavour.

Work quieted down a bit in the afternoon so I made my new favourite yummy and warming snack.
I don't know if I mentioned this previously but they only have about 75cal but are super filling.

The boy had a bad day so I made him steak and veggies.
In Australia this is kinda a staple old school dish and something Josh loves.
For veggies we had steamed brocolli, zuchinni and honeyed carrots.
I also made 'healthy mash' which is 1 white potato and 1 sweet potato with greek yoghurt, chopped chives and chicken stock. This tastes the same (I think better) than regular mash.

And I am sooo bummed! I didn't take a picture of the lovely lemon meringue pie I made!
I just dug in and remembered after I had already demolished it :(

I am super excited! I have the rest of the week off work and I have plans of doing a blog redesign so if your viewing this blog later in the week and you wondering what the heck is going on (FYI it is me breaking it!)

I also have a bundle of wedding planning to do so I will be so relieved to get some of that stuff sorted.

Sorry I had to share this. It is just sooo cute!!

What is everyone elses plans for the remainder of the week?


  1. Yes - steak and veggies after a bad day is just what you need. Love the breakfast! I hope the wedding planning is going ok :) It's got to be so exciting :)

    1. Gah! I hate wedding planning but I just gotta get stuck in. I am pretty excited about the wedding though! I just got organize myself otherwise it won't be as awesome as I expect it to be!

  2. You always eat such healthy food! It sometimes happens to me too that I eat something delicious and afterwards remember that it's too late to take a photo... lol

    Enjoy your time off! xo

  3. Your breakfast looks like the perfect start to the day. Enjoy your days off. Can't wait to see the new blog design :) Happy WIAW!

  4. love-love-love the kitty thing. oh man, I am always so jealous when I watch my kitty chill out all day, while I have to work, study, clean...

  5. That cat thing made me laugh, got to love a cat! Is the heinz soup really good? I always thought it might be too watery x

  6. Your lunch looks so yummy and fresh!

  7. Hahaha the life of a cat sounds pretty awesome.

    I've never seen those soup packs! Those look cool!

  8. Everything looks extremely yummy! I need to try that soup!

  9. hahah you're totally right, that is just too cute! :) now i want to be a cat!

  10. Yummy eats! Your breakfast looks a lot like mine in the winter. It's the perfect breakfast because it holds me over for a while. I also love starting my day with oatmeal!

    Aw, what a cute cat picture!

  11. I love a good ol' WIAW post, it's fun nosing around what everyone else eats ;) Your food looks delicious, especially your lunch! The lemon meringue pie sounds good too, don't worry about the photo - I nearly always forget to take a picture of any cake I eat because I scoff it down to quickly! :P

    Wedding planning sounds like so much fun, I hope it all goes well. Love the cat thing, it's so cute and it's definitely true!

  12. Hey, I really like your blog so I have tagged you for the Liebster Award :)

    Anette from

  13. I ate oats nearly every morning :)) it's true: it taste good and it's easy to make :))

    I wish you a nice day :)

  14. Everything looks super yummy! I love almond milk in coffee :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  15. I love the "toes look like beans". That was hilarious :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  16. Haha that cat picture is hilarious! :) I need to get some of those instant soups! That is such a cool idea (and I love soup!). Hope you're having a great start to September. <3
    xo Mandy


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