Wednesday, 15 August 2012

WIAW - Asparagus Love & New Food Discoveries!

Good WIAW to all you fine people across the globe.
Jen is of course the hostess of this fun and hunger inducing party. Check out her awesome blog, wacky humour and yummy recipes here.

Onto my day of food...

Breakfast - My favourite breakfast of all time. Asparagus with eggs. To be precise, pan fried asparagus with 1 egg/2 egg whites and topped with a blop of salsa.

I may have an unhealthy addiction to asparagus

Unpictured is my morning coffee fix with ALMOND milk. In the past few months I have converted from trim milk to rice milk and now to almond milk and I think I am in love. In the past I tried almond milk and it was soooo disgusting. I had been reading all my favourite food bloggers raving about almond milk and I just thought they were all bonkers! Until I came across Almond Breeze! YUMMM!

Moving onto lunch, on Sunday I prepared my weekday lunches by knocking up a batch of quinoa 'fried rice' I adapted the recipe from one of my favourite websites of all time. (my version just included a frozen pack of asian greens because I ran out of fresh veggies)
This was actually my first time trying quinoa and I LIKE it... a lot :) 

My tummy was getting a tad rumbly mid afternoon so I prepared one of my squeeze tubes of tomato soup. A few people asked about these last week and I think they are pretty new to Australia. They look to be condensed tomato soup (and other tomato based soups varieties) in a tube. You just squeeze the contents into a mug and fill with boiling water. It tastes pretty good to me, so if you like tomato soup and if you can find it. Give it a try. I am loving them because they are easy to make, portable and perfect for work!

For dinner I was feeling pretty lazy after a big day at work so I just cut up an onion, popped it into a fry pan with some lean mince, added some frozen spinach (I bagged and froze a bunch of spinach after a bumper garden crop), an egg and 100g of feta. 

I divided the mixture among ramekins and topped with puff pastry. Into the oven until the pastry was crispy and dinner was served!

I finished my day with a cornetto...

It was a bit of an indulgence but oh so yummy!

I think the boy agrees :)

To finish my WIAW, let me leave you with this pretty bunch of roses! 
Thanks so much for reading! I love reading the comments that you lovely people leave :)


  1. Oh Cornetto's. How I love thee. Especially on hot summer days. And how great is Almond Breeze? Like, the best thing ever. And I agree, Skinnytaste is fantastic :)

    1. Almond Breeze is my dreamboat <3

  2. Your dinner looks amazing! Such a good idea. Love the little ramekins!

    1. They are a recent addition to my ever growing kitchenware. They are so cool :)

  3. Some delicious looking food! I think I would forget to photograph everything! That pie looks fantastic!

    1. It is only for one day a week so I try to remember :)

  4. Oh your dinner looks and sounds delicious!

  5. I'm obsessed with asparagus! My favorite way to prepare it is by roasting it in the oven w/ olive oil and s&p. So simple, but so delicious!

  6. Yum, the food looks so delicious! Maybe you could do a post about your fav recipes of this month and show them to us?

    (P.S.: I awarded you with the "my liebster blog award"

  7. asparagus is one of my very favorite foods but you've just changed my life by suggesting it at breakfast! YUM- doing it this week! xo


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