Friday, 3 August 2012

July 2012 Bellabox Review - Essential Beauty Basics

Even though July is now over I still thought I might share my thoughts on the July 2012 Bellabox I received in the post mid-month.

This month had some great items! Nine items in all which was very generous in my opinion (especially since these six items were full size) and I definitely think that they have been improving the items they provide in the subscription over the last few months.

July 2012 theme was 'Essential Beauty Basics'

1 Shady Lady Daily Face Milk by You, Me and Everybody. The face milk is lightweight, non greasy and has SPF 30+ which is so essential in the Australian climate, especially for my deathly pale skin. I think this will become my daily morning moisturiser.

2 Lip Balm by Carmex - A really awesome , moisturising and effective lip balm. Perfect for the icy cold windy weather at this time of year. Only downside is I don't really like the scent... It is kinda weird but not weird enough for me to stop using this item :)

3 Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser by Neutrogena - I already have an amazing cleanser and I have never really used the neutrogena so I might give this to my sister or keep it as a back up. I also got a little deep clean scrub which I will have to try out too :)

4 Smoky Pencil in Dark Purple by Bourjois - Another really cool product. I don't often wear eyeliner but I would totally wear this for a special night out. The pencil glides on really well, easy to smudge but not easy to smudge off which is a good thing.

5 Glitter Enamel by Mode - Not too impressed with this item. The polish is very thin and just peels/chips off so quickly.

6 Get up and Grow Mascara by Almay - I have heard a lot about the new formulated mascaras that help look after lashes so I was pretty impressed when I saw this arrive in my Bellabox for the month! My eyelashes are light and non-existent without mascara and this product does a pretty good job of making them look like I actually have lashes and also fills them out.

7 Chocomania Body Butter by The Body Shop - Don't get me wrong - I LOVE chocolate but I don't like it as a body butter. The scent is just wrong it smells so wrong to me! I really like the Body Shop butters normally but I won't be using this sample.

8 PI Neo by Givenchy - This is a mans scent so I was interested to smell and see whether I would secretly lather it on the boy... I didn't mind it. It smelt fresh, clean and modern in my opinion. I might suggest the boy tries it out and see what he thinks.


  1. wow!!! great items!!!! Birchbox is the beauty box to which I am subscribed, and it's pretty nice too!! OXOXOX

    Have you entered my giveaway yet?

  2. Great quality products! Enjoy trying them out.

  3. great find doll. if you get a sec id love for you check out blog:

  4. Wow! That was a great and generous box!


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