Friday, 18 May 2012

A to Z - Get to know me!

A is for age: 

I just turned 23, last month!

B is for breakfast today: 

I had my regular and most favourite breakfast. Scramble Eggs and Veggies! It is easy to make and keeps me satisfied until well into the morning. Oh and of course a very necessary coffee :)

C is for currently craving: 

I am generally not that keen for ice-cream but I am craving some Cold Rock icecream - peanut butter ice cream with peanut m&m's are calling my name.

D is for dinner tonight: 

I am home alone tonight as the boy is away for work. I think some leftover chicken, pumpkin and spinach curry is in the cards tonight... my only dilemma... naan bread or not?

E is for favorite type of exercise: 

I have to be honest and admit... I kinda hate cardio.
My favourite type of exercise at the moment would have to be strength training. In fact, I am doing sets between each letter of this survey! 

F is for an irrational fear: 

I don't think it is very irrational... I have an crazy phobia of spiders and earwigs. I hate them more than anything!

G is for gross food: 

Celery is so gross! It tastes like pesticide. I don't understand how anyone can even put it in their mouth... Urgh!

H is for hometown: 

My hometown is 5 hrs north of where I live now. I grew up in a town near the beach - sadly my paleness makes me non-beach friendly.

I is for something important: 

My little family is so important to me! Of course my mum, dad and sis are also very important. I love them all to bits!

J is for current favorite jam: 

Haha when I first read this I immediately thought of strawberry jam...
My favourite jams at the moment are...
  • Lonely Boy by The Black Keys (great to dance to - watch the film clip if you haven't all ready)
  • Call me Maybe by Carley Rae Japsen (mainly because it is stuck in my head) 
  • My all time favourite bands are Placebo, Camera Obscura and She & Him
K is for kids: 

No kids, just one very needy fur baby!

L is for current location: 

Le office at my humble abode, Queensland, Australia, The World

M is for the most recent way you spent money:

Urgh bills - car registration and council water rates

N is for something you need: 

A holiday! If anyone can bankroll a 6 month trip around Europe just let me know :)

O is for occupation: 

Let's just say I work in a hospital - I don't really want to get into it too much here :)

P is for pet peeve: 

I have a slight case of OCD so I probably dislike it the most when people are disorganised or relatively untidy... aka my whole family :P

Q is for a quote: 

R is for random fact about you: 

I secretly love really crass jokes. When me and my sister get together it is on like donkey kong haha.

S is for favorite healthy snack: 

I love carrot sticks and home made hummus!

T is for favorite treat: 

Apple Crumble - I love cooked apples!

U is for something that makes you unique: 

I have a really high pain threshold. Even as a child I couldn't judge pain very well but it kinda comes in handy when you are washing up dishes in boiling water or donating blood :)

V is for favorite vegetable:

It is a toss up between mushroom and asparagus, both are ridiculously delicious.

W is for today’s workout: 

Today... Triceps and Shoulders and guess what? I did 50 pushups so worries :)

X is for X-rays you’ve had:

I have had a few back xrays - but nothing since I was in primary school.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: 

We had breakfast at our favourite cafe... I adore their lattes.

Z is for your time zone: 

UTC + 10? 


  1. Really liked that blog post, can I do it on my blog :)


    1. of course! Send me the link if you do I would love to read it!

  2. Great post; thanks for sharing. Funny, I feel the same about celery!! :)

  3. I love this! I think holidays is something everyone needs! ;)


  4. Great post...I love that Black Keys song too! Are you going to see them when they visit Australia later in the year?!

    1. I didn't know they were coming down under :) I will have to check out where they are touring.

  5. I did a similar post a couple of weeks ago :) I love these types of posts, I'm such a nosey parker :P I'm seeing The Black Keys in August can't wait :D :D Oh, defiantly naan bread!!

  6. i hope you ate that naan bread! makes it!

    1. I definately did have naan, I couldn't resist :P

  7. Wow, your cat is absolutely stunning!
    And I love strength training too, makes me feel so much better. Plus it's kinda nice to show off some muscle every now and then;)

    1. Thanks, I agree my cat is adorable!

  8. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I think your blog is so great. Check it out at my blog.

  9. Hi :-)

    I would like to give you the Liebster Blog Price. Now it is your turn to choose 5 more blogs.

    More info here:

    Have a great day.
    xoxo, Petra

  10. I loved this post! You have a lovely blog, hun! The quote is adorable & absolutely true... the perfect set of mantras to apply to one's life :) & 50 pushups? Bravo! xo, Megs

    1. Thanks Megs you are too sweet :)

  11. I LOVE this! I loathe cardio as well - I'm a dancer so strength training is more my thing too. I may follow suit with this survey!


    1. Can't wait to read it if you do!


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