Sunday, 6 May 2012

April Photo-A-Day ~ Day 22-30 ~ Late and Final Edition

I have been super slack with getting my final April Photo-A-Day pics up! Better late than never I guess :)

day 21 ~ bottle of vinegar used in dinner prep
day 22 ~ shopping spree @ harbour town
day 23 ~ red capsicum would have to be one of my fave veggies
day 24 ~ i am super grateful for such an awesome sista

day 25 ~ looking down on my elliptical trainer during workout
day 26 ~ pretty roses
day 27 ~ pub for dinner
day 28 ~ trying my new curling iron out :)

day 29 ~ one of my fave necklaces (pressie from the boy)
day 30 - I am sooo sad when I get a parking fine :(
Of course, you can find my photos every day (when I remember) on Instagram, Pinterest and on my twitter, just click on the links below to find them :)

I don't think I will be following May this month... I just haven't been able to keep up for April so I might pick it up again in June.


  1. Hi Emilie, thanks for sharing these nice photos. I have decided to participate in the May photo a day challenge :)

    1. hope you have fun with it. I hope to join again in June

  2. Your hair looks great curled, I bet you have so much fun with your sister! A parking ticket naughty, naughty! :D

    1. haha what can I expect when I never pay for parking :)


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