Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 2013 Goals

Good Saturday to all and welcome to the second half of the year! I can't believe we are already half way through - this year has been massive for me and I am loving it.

Today was great, my lovely hubby made me a delicious breakfast and then we went for a stroll around our neighborhood, trying to gain some inspiration for some house/garden updates we are planning to undertake later this year.

Back in January, I wrote up some monthly goals on the blog to try and then I kinda didn't bother to ever follow up with it. Well six months down the track, I am back to share my goals and hope that you all can keep me accountable!

  • I really need to get back into meal planning - it saves time, money and decision making during a busy week. Last year I did really well at this but I have kinda slacked off so I want to get this under control again.
  • I love Bentos! Feel free to check out my Bento Pinterest board and please leave tell me if you know of any great bento box sites/blogs so I can start making my own healthy and fun bento box lunches this month.
  • More veggies - I am pretty good in the vegetable eating department but I think my body wants more! I want to try to incorporate green veggies in every meal.
  • Reintroduce P90X strength training 3 times a week. I haven't done any P90X since the wedding and I miss it so! My body also seems to be missing it because my back has been so sore lately. 
  • Start walking 2 or 3 times a week. I love the concept of running but I don't think my joints or stupid asthma likes it too much. Walking is good though, and it is something that Josh would be keen to join.
  • I need to try to control my stress and anxiety - my new job is getting to me... a little bit too much. I need to remember that work isn't the most important thing in my life and focus on all the positives that surround me.
  • One technology free night a week - I am a little bit dependent on my iPhone. I would like to stash it away for one night a week and get off the interwebs once and a while.
  • Finish reading the Game of Thrones book series - I have two books to go! I love the Game of Thrones TV series so I have been catching up on the novels and of course, they have been amazing so far.
  • Practice indoor photography - by the time I get home, there is generally no natural light so I have been  trying to learn a bit about light boxes etc.. time to put the education into practice.
Does anyone else set monthly goals? If so tell me what kinda things do you try and aim for?


  1. Love your goals :) I'm with you on the veg, when I'm eating lots of it my body just feels good! I also like your idea of walking more, I feel like that could definitely help my body.

    I'm sorry work is stressing you out, you have the right attitude though - it's definitely not the most important thing in your life!

    You might see a similar post from me this week, I'm making some goals for the whole of summer :)

  2. i love your blog!
    visit my blog for more photography!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)


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