Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bridesmaid Trip to Brisbane ~ Day 2 ~ Saturday

My goodness, it has taken me so long to continue this little post about a fun weekend I had a little while ago. I still want to share so here is the second day, Saturday. Click here to catch up on day 1!

We met up with my other bridesmaid, Caiti in the morning and started off with a thoroughly delicious breakfast before tacking some dress shopping. We had breakfast at this really cute cafe called Room with Roses which is located in the Brisbane Arcade. The cafe had the nicest breakfast menu and such awesome table service. Caiti and I both ordered the googy eggs and Georgia ordered the big breakfast.

We then made our way main event of the day to firstly try on my gown and then find bridesmaid dresses.
~~I have paid the deposit and ordered "the dress" since this weekend! Eeekkk!. The girls (and my mum) really liked it so I am super happy with my dress. I can't wait until is made and in my local store! !!

We found a style of bridesmaid dress that suited both the girls but I am trying to see if we can get something similar in the town they live in so the dress fitting etc is easier for them. Fingers crossed we do!

That evening we organised to have some quality catch up with our friends that live in the lovely city of Brisbane. My buddy Heath suggested we go to Vapiano which is this amazing Pizza and Pasta bar. I am so glad we did. The food was amazing and the mojitos!!! Oh la la!!! Did I love the mojitos?!! (yes, yes I did... maybe a little too much....)

For dinner I ordered the small antipasto platter which was delish but I needed a bit more bread-age to be honest. Everyone else ordered Pizza and they looked so yum!
We then somehow made our way into Queen Street and decided to finish our evening (or morning) with some gelato (to keep with the Italiano theme). I picked chocolate pistachio and it was delicious. We said our goodbyes before Georgia and I stumbled our way back to the hotel. It was a great night and it was so great catch up with our old school/work/uni friends!


  1. I am glad you're having a great time!! XOXOX

    MayT Essentials

  2. Sounds like great fun! The ice cream looks delicious.

  3. Looks like such a great trip! Love your website! Thanks for commenting on mine! I'll get those calories up for you later today :)


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