Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Boys weekend & one rainy Triple J One Night Stand

 Generally my weekends are pretty boring... I go shopping, we work on our house and garden or go out for a casual breakfast with family/friends. I am not really a huge drinker/dancer/partier... not the case this weekend. 
The boy's best buddies visited from out of town and to join us on our trip to Dalby for the Triple J one night stand (click here for more info).

The boy and his best man awaiting the taxi.
The boy and his best gal pal :) aka ME!
After partying into the early morning we woke up and made our way to Dalby - the boys were a tad worse for wear haha

When we first arrived, it was only drizzling a little bit but it ended up pouring rain by the end of the night.

We got to see Matt Corby, 360, Stone Field and then the gig got cancelled due to flooding of electrical equipment before we could see Temper Trap :(

By the time it was cancelled the show grounds was a mud pit with the water flooding up above ankles... yup really gross!

Twas a great and truly memorable few days but I am soo looking forward to next weekend being quiet, normal and hopefully super boring!


  1. Lovely post! Great to catch up with your news. Wouldn't mind reading about one of your 'boring' weekends. To you they may seem the same but they're interesting for the readers. Hope to read more from you soon!

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    1. Thanks miss k, I'll try to think up a fun 'boring' post to share :) thanks for always reading! Xo emilie


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